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Made in Denmark___

Cookware produced in Denmark

Did you know that SCANPAN is the only cookware producer with production site in Denmark? We are very proud of our craftsmanship - we manufacture Danish high quality cookware every single day.

See the ranges here

Cookware made in Denmark

Here are some examples from our cookware ranges manufactured in Denmark.

Modern cooking___

Pots and pans for induction

Induction cooktops save energy and react immediately when you adjust the temperature.

How do you test whether cookware is induction compatible? That's actually quite easy: if a magnet stays on the base, the answer is yes!

SCANPAN produce lots of pans and pots for induction. Click below and go explore.

And remember - induction cookware can also be used on all other types of cooktop.

See all induction compatible ranges here

Induction compatible cookware

Here are some examples from our ranges of pots and pans for induction.

The Maitre D' range___

Copper in the kitchen

The Maitre D' range offers elegant copper cookware - en miniature.

For melting chocolate, preparing a sauce or making a portion of oatmeal porridge, these small copper pots and saucepans are spot on.

They are also very suitable for serving for instance soup and dessert in portions.

See the Maitre D' collection here

Copper cookware

Here are our elegante miniature copper pots and pans.

Knives from the Classic range___

Good knives made for everyday use

The kitchen knives from the Classic range are made of select materials and in a stylish, unpretentious design.

The Classic knives range is an extensive assortment of regular as well as special purpose knives.

Start your collection today, and enjoy perfectly balanced knives with a comfortable handle every day.

See all Classic knives here
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