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Pots for induction, gas and oven

SCANPAN pots for induction, gas and all other types of cooktop. For baking pot bread, we have the right pot for you. You also find stew pots and stock pots in our large assortment.

From the IQ range ___


Big and small pots - you find them all here.

Do you know the low sauce pot? It is a low pot with a large frying surface, which makes heating fast. Brilliant pot for stews!


From the Classic range ___


At least one saucepan is indispensable in small as well as large households. For sauce, porridge, for heating left-overs, for boiling eggs, for small portions… the list of applications is interminable.

And it doesn't take up much space in the drawer.

From the Impact range ___

Special purpose pots

Some tasks can be really difficult, when you don't have the right equipment.

Make cooking easier and much more fun with special purpose cookware from SCANPAN.

The Maitre D' range ___

Copper in the kitchen

The Maitre D' range offers miniature copper cookware.

For melting chocolate, preparing a sauce or making a portion of oatmeal porridge, these small copper pots and saucepans are spot on.

They are also very suitable for serving for instance soup and dessert in portions.

See the Maitre D' collection here
The crispiest crust! ___

Try a delicious pot bread

Bread baked in a pot gets an especially delicious crust.

At SCANPAN you find the perfect cookware for baking bread in a pot - we have pots for induction and pots for gas and all other cooktops. And it is of course completely unnecessary to take off the handles - all our cookware is ovenproof.

See other pot breads here

Popular products

For boiling pasta - steaming vegetables - preparing sauces - making a bolognese - making soup - preparing a pot roast… The list of applications for the pots is practically interminable. See a small extract here.

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