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Classic knives


Classic Knives

Kitchen knives are constantly put to the test and must   withstand everyday wear and tear, they must be safe to use,   with excellent performance.SCANPAN Classic knife series is   made from fully forged German steel to elegantly meet the   needs of any kitchens!

  • Fully hot-drop forged construction, finest quality German stainless steel
  • Superior taper ground cutting edge
  • Genuine Danish design
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced
  • Esteemed Scanpan hallmark
  • Ergonomic tri-lobal handle design
  • 20° abraded cutting edges
  • Dishwasher safe, but not recommended

Classic knives - fully forged steel

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High quality kitchen knives

Classic knives are heat treated for hardness and made from classic stainless steel with a conical ground edge for optimum cutting performance. Every knife is tested individually for hardness according to the Rockwell® method before it is approved. The testing method leaves a small dot in the steel - a mark guaranteeing that the fully forged knife has undergone the test for professional heat treatment and perfect hardening.